The C. S. Lewis Fellowship welcomes applications for mini-grants up to $1,000 for the calendar year 2024. These grants are intended to promote the development of courses or course units incorporating the thought of C. S. Lewis. Grants may be used for purchasing books, travel (e.g., to the Wade Center at Wheaton College or some other Lewis conference), or any other expenses for developing teaching materials related to Lewis’s life and thought. Applications are welcome from any department at Providence College. The following are some possible examples:

  • Business (e.g., his work on ethics could be incorporated into a business ethics class)

  • Education (Lewis has a number of writings that relate to the field of education)

  • English (e.g., his works of literary criticism, as well as his own fiction)

  • Nursing (e.g., on questions of suffering and grief)

  • Philosophy (Lewis’s first degree was in philosophy before he took a degree in English literature)

  • Theology (e.g., his discussion of miracles, his apologetic works)

Creative ways of incorporating Lewis’s thought into any field are welcome.

Grant recipients will become fellows of The C. S. Lewis Fellowship for the calendar year of the award. Fellows will be invited to participate in a reading discussion group that will meet once each semester, as well as a meal for the fellows.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis through December 15, 2023. Click here to apply.

Providence College students and faculty listen attentively to Michael Ward, an expert C.S. Lewis scholar who teaches at Cambridge University.